Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Having fun at the Park



Me and Daleys favorite thing in the world to do is be with Whit, Aspen and Sanders....There is nothing funner than hanging out with his cousins, he thinks they are pretty great. It is so funny to hear Aspen talk baby talk to him and make him laugh so hard! And he is always trying to get his hands on his cousin Sanders....oh no the bullying has begun! I am so glad that Me and Whit are able to stay home and do these fun things together. I cant wait for our kids to grow up so close!


More 6 month pics.......

6 month pics!

I cant believe how fast he grows everday!!
He is now crawling and before long he will be walking. He already hold our hands and walks along with us! I cant explain to you how much joy he bring us....I love him so so much!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Daley Doo's Song!!

So when i was younger my dad made me the sweetest song, it went like this!(my one of many nick names is Punky and Punk-a-roo!)
Holding Punk-a-roo's is fun,
She thinks her dad is #1,
Wouldnt it be oh so sad,
If she didnt grow up to look just like her dad!

Well i thought it was really sweet, and who wouldnt like having their own song? So i decided to carry on the family tradition. So here is the song i made for Daley!! Yes i thought of the whole thing. I know you cant hear the beat, so just put it to your own beat!

Daley Doo,
Mama loves you,
Your so sweet,
Like Mommy's favorite treat,
Your so awesome,
Its like watchin a flower blossom,
You shine like a star,
Your my favorite baby by far,
This is your song,
One day you can sing along!