Thursday, February 4, 2010

Well Daley is growing like a little weed........ here are some of the things he is doing now....
He loves this electric dog my parents gave him, that barks
he loves my hair and to put it in his mouth....wait he loves EVERYTHING in his mouth!
He is teething and slobbers like a hourse
He is so funny he plays in his little gym and he plays and plays and plays than stops looks for me to make sure i am still in watching him...then when he sees me he grins ear to ear and goes back to playing!
He is kind of turning in to a mommys boy, dont get me wrong he is great and will go to anyone but i am by far the fav! ha ha
He grabs everything and anything he can get his hands on, i can no longer carry him and hold a plate of food.......i should have learned my lesson the first time i cant tell you how many messes i have cleaned up.
He loves the sound of the vacuum and blow dryer
He goes in his crib wide awake at night and puts him self to sleep he knows its bed time
He laughs like crazy and is ticklish under his chin and on his sides
He LOVES LOVES kisses he smiles ear to ear when you kiss him!
And last he loves Music and when even i sing to him!!! He is so much fun

Well i have been threatened by alot of people that it is time to update the blog now that i have a baby......Alot has changed since i last posted me and Mike found out we were expecting. And on September 22 we had a beautiful baby boy 8 pounds 11 ounces named Daley William Klug. We are such proud parents and our loving ever second of it!