Friday, August 27, 2010

2 amazing years!!

We celebrated our second anniversary on a camping trip with our family, since our anniversary fell on Labor Day this year. We went on a four wheeler ride, and a hike up to a beautiful lake, where we have our names carved on alot of trees and were able to add Daley to our trees this year! Mike got me my fav Dolce and Gabbana Perfume which i have been out of for a while, and i surprised him with i think his favorite present ever, a Sitka jacket (thats just a very expensive camo brand) I do have to say its pretty good looking and fits him quite nice!! All and all it was another wonderful year, being married to him just makes life too easy. I have one great catch he is the best husband and dad in the world!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US!!!


Anonymous said...

Awh, Happy Anniversary!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!!

Ty, Whit & Bree said...

Wow 2 years. Crazy. It goes by so fast... That was fun at the park today. Next time we will have to get there at the same time. Ha ha.