Saturday, May 1, 2010

So...I have to have atleast one post about Orcas!

So if you know me AT ALL!! You know i LOVE Orca Whales!! So i have to put at least one post dedicated to them, these are some videos that make me smile!! I have loved Orca Whales since i was a little girl from the first time i watched Free Willy, and heard Michael Jackson sing "will you be there" while the whales swam freely with their pod! Mike will kill me if he sees this post because he thinks i am so weirdly obsessed/passionate about whales ha ha....Oh well i cant help it. They are so freakin cute!! And i think he secretely loves Free Willy too, he doesnt complain too much when i bust it out(because i do every couple months) but maybe he just likes to see my face when i watch it? But i think its growing on him! Anways so since i love whales so much i am bound to pass it on to Daley, and since everyone knows how much i love them needless to say Daley gets alot of Whale gifts, so here are a few of Daleys whales gifts that i still have, that he hasnt grown out of he had tonz as a newborn!!!

Free Willy - We Are One