Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jord, Whit, & Aspen!!

I love my little angel Aspen!! It is so much fun being an aunt!!! And i love my brother and Whitney for making me an Aunt ha ha! Aspen is so much fun, but they live too far away, I want to see her more, plus when they are down here, everyone hogs her! And I barely get anytime with her!! Jordan and Whitney are the best parents too! Its so much fun to watch them with her, they just love her so much, and still hate sharing her! Its so funny!! I cant believe i am now going to be an aunt to 3! Even though I pretty much already felt like one with Porter and Cam!

The Cranmers

This is Mikes sisters family, the top pic is of his youngest nephew Camo (Cameron) he is so much fun, and the happiest baby alive!! He laughs so hard, and he has the sweetest laugh you could ever hear! We hate that they live in St. George because everytime we see him, he changes too much!! Mikes other nephew is Porter, and he absolutely adores his Uncle Mike, he loves everything about Mike, he wants to be just like him, and do everything he does....It is so cute!!! As for Cameron he Prefers ME!! ha ha! The bottom pic is of there family, except for the little girl (Haley) Its so fun to go to there house, because there is never a dull moment, I swear they always have the whole neighborhood over, and Keri always has a million kids with her, she is great with them! Arent they such a cute family, I wish they lived a little closer!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This was last years camping trip with my family and the Shenks!! We do our Boulder Olympics camping trip every year, but we were sad we were not able to go this year!! Being too busy planning & preparing for the wedding!!But we have alot of fun playing games, making boats, going on scavenger hunts.... We look forward to going next year!
These are Me and Mikes engagement Pictures we had so much fun taking them!! Except for the fact we got eaten alive by mesquitos, on Utah Lake!! Our wedding is on Sept. 6th, and we are counting down the days!! I cant wait!!